33rd International Conference on Arabidopsis Research 5-9 June 2022

Date : 05-06-2022
Lieu : Webinaire sur les savoir-faire et les réalisations de la filière chimie-matériaux
Entité concernée : BIAM

the 33rd International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR2023)


The 21st ICAR was held in Yokohama in 2010, the commemorative final year for the international Arabidopsis 2010 project. During the past decade, plant biology has moved forward tremendously thanks to new technologies, resources, and various research projects on important topics. We are very happy to welcome ICAR back to Japan to witness these great advances.


  • Latest advances in the Arabidopsis research for identifying key factors and regulatory networks underlying various environmental responses and developmental processes.
  • Cutting-edge translational research that will contribute to SDGs.

Chiba is located in the central part of Japan and there are many great sightseeing spots in Chiba and nearby Tokyo area. We hope you enjoy exciting science as well as beautiful Japan. We will work together to make ICAR2023 a memorable conference!

More information: https://icar2023.org/index.html

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