A future semi-open partnership zone that will bring together economic players in the field of low-carbon energy and support the development of various research projects

The En’durance Energies entrepreneurial zone, established on a 15-hectare plot of land belonging to the CEA, will aim to create a semi-open zone that already includes the Cité des Énergies (DRT/CTReg and DRF/BIAM). 

Between now and 2023-2024, it will be open to the establishment of projects from outside companies and industrialists wishing to collaborate in the development of R&D projects focused on themes related to those of the Cité des Énergies (Biosciences, bioprocesses, Smartgrids) on low-carbon energy. It will also host projects supporting ITER, the RJH (RJH Institute and medical radioisotopes), Cybersecurity of Industrial Systems and Instrumentation.

Promoting the cluster effect of the Cité des Énergies, the En’Durance Energies entrepreneurial zone and a project currently being developed which is supported by all the local authorities and will ultimately strengthen the development of the Cité des Énergies.

Cité des Énergies in the foreground (BIAM and CEA Tech Région Sud); Plots 1 to 7 available for the development of En'Durance Energies