Thermosolar demonstrator on fixed plane SAED at Cadarache. In the closed circuit collectors, the water is heated directly to 100°C
Platform for demonstration and experimentation of technologies related to large solar power plants
CPV modules consisting of lenses and cells in the center of which the sun's rays are concentrated
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Solar photovoltaic
for a more competitive production cost

Internationally, photovoltaic energy will be one of the most widely installed renewable energy sources for the supply of low-carbon electricity. Indeed, the improved performance of components and systems already ensures a competitive cost of electricity production.

CEA-Liten’s teams provide technological solutions to make photovoltaics an economical and sustainable source of energy, capable of being integrated into an electrical network combining security of supply and resilience.

To this end, CEA-Liten has historically conducted research programs with equipment dedicated to photovoltaic solar energy, batteries and smart grid systems, located at the Grenoble and Chambéry sites.

At the same time, its investment in the “MEGASOL” platform at the Cadarache site offers a total of 12 MW of photovoltaic power connected to the local electricity grid.

Megasol - Platform for demonstration and experimentation of technologies related to large solar power plants.
The HeliosLite tracker optimizes the tracking of the Sun to produce an optimized electrical flux.

Its industrial partners, operators of solar photovoltaic power plants, benefit from R&D programs that enable them to carry out industrial-scale experiments in the field, under real conditions, on the problems of a photovoltaic production unit connected to the grid: daily peaks, load shedding, grid calls, off-peak storage, etc.

In addition, an outdoor test platform for photovoltaic components and systems has been set up at the Cadarache center. This platform, which complements the resources available at INES in Chambéry, enables the CEA and its industrial partners to carry out tests under real conditions on innovative photovoltaic modules and systems such as heterojunction modules.