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Microscopy Observation Area

ZoOM is a shared technical platform that brings together seven specific pieces of equipment offering a range of applications for imaging living organisms. Its tools offer different observation techniques ranging from the subcellular scale to a whole organism, whether it is single-celled (bacteria, microalgae, etc.) or multi-celled (plants, nematodes, etc.).


Jointly managed by the BIAM PEPPS team and the IRSN Radionuclide Ecotoxicology Laboratory, its equipment is located in the BIAM and IRSN buildings. Their access is reserved to the needs :

  • BIAM
  • IRSN‘s Radionuclide Ecotoxicology Laboratory
  • To external parties in the framework of collaborations with BIAM or IRSN


The platform works in a collaborative mode within the framework of academic or industrial projects. To initiate a partnership, contact the person in charge of the platform.

To know the availability of the equipment and the access modalities, we invite you to consult the pages reserved for each equipment.