Adequabio, science of depollution

The start-up is a reference in the field of biological decontamination of agricultural effluents. It uses the Phytobarre system, which relies on the degradation capacities of photosynthetic bacteria.
It is also developing a bank of microorganisms capable of treating various toxic effluents. Adequabio is thus a fine example of research valorization.

The Phytobarre is a process whose effectiveness is recognized by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity. The bacteria used in its operation degrade the pesticides and thus protecting the environment. No discharge of any kind is deplored in the natural environment.  Easy to use, the bacteria are packaged in a sachet, and are added once a year to maintain biodiversity in the  treatment basins of pesticide-contaminated ponds Bank of depolluting solutions.


Adequabio is now focusing on several collaborative projects, in particular with BIAM, to create a bank of microorganisms that will be selected according to the type of chemical effluent to be treated. The start-up’s breeding ground is mainly found in the Phytobarre ponds where an anthropic microfauna develops.

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Contact : Daniel GARCIA 04 90 09 59 31