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The Cité des Énergies offers a range of technological facilities, including technical platforms, to support BIAM’s fundamental research work and the R&D work of CEA Tech PACA and CEA-Liten. Within the framework of collaboration contracts, these scientific facilities are also open to academic and industrial partners in connection with the Cité des Énergies. All of these platforms and technical platforms support the development of low-carbon energy.

HELIOBIOTEC, partner of the IBISA project, and MICROALGUES are technological platforms dedicated to the development of microalgae biotechnologies for the development and production of high value-added molecules.

PHYTOTEC, labelled IBISA, is focused on plant experimentation under controlled conditions. It is entirely designed by BIAM engineers and technicians to meet the experimental needs of research teams.
The Cité des Énergies also benefits from the ZOoM shared imaging technical platform, which strengthens BIAM and its partners in terms of microscopy observation.

Finally, BIAM is currently ramping up two new platforms with PROTEINTEC specialized in biochemistry and protein production, and IonoTec specialized in elemental analysis and assay, to support the teams’ research work.

MEGASOL, a platform managed by CEA-Liten, focuses on the development and stability of smart grids. This work focuses in particular on the grid’s frequency regulation mechanism with the aim of smoothing or regulating and scheduling the injection of energy into the electrical distribution network, unlike a conventional photovoltaic power plant which can only regulate downwards.