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GDR 2104 - IBCO2

20 June 2022, Symposium on redox regulation and carbon-nitrogen interactions in plants, Gif sur Yvette. 

A tribute to Pierre Gadal

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Pierre Gadal, which occurred on October 26, 2019 at the age of eighty-one. In order to pay tribute to him and honor the research topics and teaching that he was renowned for in plant sciences, the Saclay Plant Sciences network (SPS) is organizing a symposium in his memory.

SFPhi 2022

9-10 June 2022, Journées Françaises de Photosynthèse, Gif sur Yvette. 

Annual Meeting of the Societé Française de Photosynthèse

Come join us for a special edition of the regular annual SFPhi meeting that celebrates the work on photosynthesis of renowned Saclay scientists, Diana Kirilovsky and Pierre Setif. For inscriptions and programme please follow this link:

9-10 juin 2022 Gif sur Yvette (France)

8-12 June, 2022 – EMBO workshop, Bergen Norway

Protein termini: From mechanisms to biological impact

The GdR IBCO2 is a sponsor of this congress to promote networking and collaboration between groups from different disciplines working in the field of chloroplast biology. Among the works presented: key work from the laboratory of E. Flashman and F. Licausi on how plant cysteine dioxygenases sense and respond to oxygen. M. Holdsworth, N. Dissmeyer, D. Gibbs and Klaas van WijK will present new insights into plant substrates and the roles of N-degron pathways, particularly in plant chloroplasts. F. Theodoulou will present his work on the Arabidopsis UBR box protein, BIG, which plays a role in light signalling. The versatility of plastid N-terminal methionine excision and acetylation and it’s impact on photosynthetic proteins, including RUBISCO, will be presented by C. Giglione. 

29-31 August, 2022 – Agropolis international, Montpellier

13th International Conference of the French Society of Plant Biology

The GdR IBCO2 is a sponsor of the SFBV conference to promote scientific approaches dedicated to biological CO2 capture. The conference will address various topics, including:

Plant nutrition – Primary metabolism- Plant development – Specialized metabolism
Plant response to environmental stresses – Plant & pathogen interactions – Plant & microorganism interactions- Genome structure & expression – Genetics & breeding

EMBO meeting 2022

13-17 June, 2022 – EMBO Workshop, Montpellier

Molecular Responses of Plants Facing Climate Change

Molecular Responses of Plant facing Climate Change
Interested in attending? Visit the website:

10h 16 February, 2022 – ROS meeting par Zoom

Spin Off Workshop Meeting

Anja Krieger Liszkay et Emmanuelle Isakidis-Bourguet are organizing a meeting for GdR members to discuss Reactive Oxygen Species in Photosynthesis on February 16. Please contact them to receive a Zoom link.

Spring, 2022 – School: Venice, Italy

Molecular and Biophysical Basis of Photosynthesis

The school is intended for PhD students and post-docs at the beginning of their career and is organized by Tomas Morosinotto, Giovanni Finazzi, Jeremy Harbinson, Michael Hippler, Anja Krieger-Liszkay, Johannes Messinger, Giorgio Perin.

25-26 November – Aquabella Hotel Aix-en-Provence

Kick-Off Workshop : GdR2104 Integrative Biology of CO2 Capture

You are part of the large community that has expressed its interest for the creation of this GdR and it is now up to you to specify its contours and to identify the potential for collaboration with the other members of our group.


Come to our launch meeting in Aix-en-Provence!

Kick-Off Minutes

Thank you for your participation and see you next year!