Photosynthesis and Environment Team

How does photosynthesis work?

Photosynthesis is the biological mechanism of CO2 fixation and conversion of solar energy into sugar. Photosynthetic organisms manage, thanks to solar energy, to manufacture organic matter from inorganic matter. A better understanding of the process of photosynthesis allows for a better understanding of the productivity of plants and algae.

The aim of our team is to identify and characterize the factors that determine photosynthetic performance. We seek to better understand the mechanisms of acclimation to fluctuations in light and CO2 content in the atmosphere. To evaluate the performance of photosynthetic organisms, we are developing new experimental approaches enriched by models simulating photosynthetic biomechanisms.

The focus of our team covers a wide range of science from the molecular level including the structure-function relationships of photosynthetic complexes, to the broader level of plant physiology in cells and leaves.

To study the function of these biological systems, we have also developed original tools and methods for non-invasive monitoring of photosynthesis, using state-of-the-art scientific equipment found in the newly created phenotype system, Imaplant, and the Phytotec platform on the BiAM campus.

From Fundamental research...

From fundamental research…

P&E’s fundamental research is aimed at understanding the regulatory mechanisms of solar energy capture and atmospheric CO2 reduction by plants and microalgae. We study mechanisms ranging from light absorption, electron and proton transfer, to CO2 capture and assimilation into sugars. Our scientific approach seeks to understand how these biological processes are integrated in the chloroplast and the plant cell and how they control the resilience and efficiency of photosynthesis. Thus, beyond advances in molecular genetics, biochemistry, biophysics and physiology of photosynthesis, we are designing models capable of reconstructing the roles of the multiple regulators that photosynthesis brings into play to adapt to environmental changes.


Tests PCR
Tests PCR