Team and equipment

Equipments Microscopy Zeiss LSM780 Confocal Microscope Confocal and spectral imaging in fluorescencence Inverted confocal microscope for high resolution fluorescence imaging. 3D image obtained from stacking of optical sections according to the confocal imaging principle, on fixed or living samples. Associated technologies : 3D imagingFCSFRETSpectral imagingFluorescence and contrast DIC Its spectral detector allows in a single […]


Précédent Suivant Microscopy Observation Area ZoOM is a shared technical platform that brings together seven specific pieces of equipment offering a range of applications for imaging living organisms. Its tools offer different observation techniques ranging from the subcellular scale to a whole organism, whether it is single-celled (bacteria, microalgae, etc.) or multi-celled (plants, nematodes, etc.). […]

Service offer

Offered Services Increasing the autonomy of researchers and the offer within the department A large part of the Proteintec’s activities consist in training the current BIAM staff within the BIAM research teams in order to increase their autonomy in biochemistry techniques.   but also in offering protein production and characterization services. The objective is to reinforce […]

ProteinTec team and equipment

ProteinTec Steering Commitee Platform Leader(s) Pascal ARNOUX Research DirectorCEA Permanent positions Stéphanie BLANGY Design engineerCNRS Nicolas BREMOND EngineerCEA


ProteinTec A protein biochemistry platform Overview Created in January of 2019 to provide all BIAM researchers with the technology and support needed to produce and study recombinant proteins, in 2021 ProteinTec is increasing its offer notably through an investment plan for equipment to support the BIAM’s research work This new platform allows to harmonise and […]


PHYTOTEC equipments, Cité des Énergies Phytotrons The platform includes 11 phytotrons and two in vitro phytotrons built in 2020 ~ 100 m2 of cultivable surface (Zone S2) Latest generation LED lighting (up to 1250 µmol photons/m2/s)  Variable temperature, humidity and lighting Watering by sub-irrigation or drip irrigation   Chambers for growth under controlled conditions and […]

Skills supply

Skills supply The activity is articulated around three main themes exploiting the specificities of the platform: isotopic enrichment, environmental stress and multi-parametric imaging of plants. Isotopic labeling One of the specificities of PHYTOTEC is the enrichment of plant tissues in stable isotopes 13C, 15N. The tightness of the cells allows, thanks to the contribution of […]

Phytotec team

Phytotec team Cité des Énergies, CEA Cadarache Manager Monique SABATY Research DirectorCEA Permanent positions Emmanuelle BILLON EngineerCEA Michel PHILIBERT EngineerCEA Séverine BOIRY TechnicianCEA Emmanuel CAPRA TechnicianCEA Phytotec team Luminy, Aix-Marseille University Manager Patrice CRÉTÉManagerMaître de conférence Permanent positions Didier BÉDÉRÈDEEngineer Muriel REISSOLET TechnicianCecile LECAMPION Assistant engineer

Collaborations and services

Collaborations and services With 40 years of expertise, the PHYTOTEC platform puts its equipment at your disposal within the framework of collaborations or private contracts with respect of confidentiality clauses. We are open to all types of plant cultivation and our know-how extends from Arabidopsis to Beech. The experimental conditions can vary with precision in […]


Previous Next PHYTOTEC platform “A plant experimentation platform at the service of research and industry” Context With 40 years of experience, the PHYTOTEC platform, which has been awarded the IBISA label, brings together a range of resources for cultivation under controlled conditions, spread over two geographical sites: the Cité des Énergies in Saint Paul lez […]