Offered Services

Increasing the autonomy of researchers and the offer within the department

A large part of the Proteintec’s activities consist in training the current BIAM staff within the BIAM research teams in order to increase their autonomy in biochemistry techniques.   but also in offering protein production and characterization services. The objective is to reinforce this service to allow an opening to external requests with a collaborative  framework.

Teaching and skill transfer

The sharing of knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment in our Institute has been one of the main objectives of ProteinTec since its creation. Marina SIPONEN, in charge of the platform and CNRS Research Engineer at the BIAM, participates in teaching of the “Introduction to Crystallography” module of the Plinius PhD program organized within the framework of the IM2B (AMU Institute of Microbiology, Bioenergy and Biotechnology), in collaboration with the Architecture and Function of Biological Macromolecules laboratory (Marseille, France). It also offers training to researchers, engineers and technicians who wish to develop protein biochemistry in their own research projects.