CEA Tech in the Southern Region

Promote technological diffusion in the region

Charged with creating technological innovation to contribute to the competitiveness of French companies, CEA’s Technology Research Division has deployed its value creation model throughout France. In the Southern Region, as close as possible to the technological needs of local companies, it set up in 2013 in Cadarache and Gardanne, providing several areas of expertise and application platforms dedicated in particular to the “Cité des Énergies” project.

Since 2018, thanks to a strategic partnership with the Southern Region and in conjunction with the Nice-Côte d’Azur Metropolis, CEA Tech in the Southern Region has simultaneously created a branch in the Nice area in order to amplify its approach of daily proximity with all industrial players in the Region, particularly SMEs and ETIs.

This technology dissemination team addresses many sectors of activity throughout the Southern Region – Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur. Its role is to listen to and translate the company’s needs in terms of research and development, to identify the CEA experts who can meet them, and finally to build research projects that will enable the development or adaptation of technologies that will be integrated into the partner’s products or future innovations.


Since 2018, more than 400 companies have been met, 70 R&D projects carried out directly with a company and more than 40 collaborative R&D projects. Most of the projects are conducted with VSEs, SMEs and ETIs, in a wide variety of fields ranging from maritime to health, not forgetting artificial intelligence, high value-added agronomic production and many other topics.

The most represented industrial sectors are micro-algae (optimized cultivation and extraction processes), solar energy (thermal, photovoltaic), microelectronics (in particular the security of electronic components) and software applications (AI).

To accomplish its mission, CEA Tech in the Southern Region relies on the know-how of the Technological Research Directorate’s thematic institutes[1] as well as on its application platforms, developed in particular at the Cité des Énergies and focused on low-carbon energy.

[1] CEA-Leti, CEA-Liten, CEA-List

Technological offer


The “Microalgae” platform defines and proves the concept of industrial production processes for microalgae for various applications: biofuels, cosmetics, food supplements, animal feed, plant chemistry, treatment of water or polluted fumes, etc.

Link : https://www.cea-tech.fr/cea-tech/Pages/en-regions/pfa-micro-algues.aspx

(c)Maureen Saint-Sorny, project ABACUS, Porphyridium strain ou microalgues rouges