Metadata analyses and bacterial regulatory systems databases


To carry out our work, bioinformatics tools are used/developed at LEMiRE for metadata analysis, in silico studies, genome mining and creation of regulator databases.

Databases : Rapid changes in the physico-chemical conditions of the environment of bacteria require an adjustment of their physiology that may involve a modulation of the expression of their genes. These adaptive responses are essentially the result of the perception of signals in the external environment of the bacteria by sensors and which translates into the activation of the expression or translation of genes required to overcome the stress encountered. This regulation is mainly done by transcriptional factors or two-component systems. Two databases have been developed at LEMiRE P2CS ( and P2TF (, as well as a web server dedicated to the prediction of regulatory proteins in prokaryotes (

Team manager

      Wafa ACHOUAK

Key words

Rhizosphere ; Pseudomonas ; Biointrants ; Genomics ; Nanopesticides ; Biocontrol ; drought stress ; Outer membrane ; vesicles ; Regulatory RNAs